Wilmington, NC
Wilmington Import / Export Cold Distribution Center


Facility Overview 

The Wilmington Import / Export Cold Distribution Center is the latest in a network of six Nordic locations in North Carolina. Located near the Port of Wilmington, it serves both domestic and international cold chain needs.

A multi-room, multi-temperature location with extensive blast capacity, and large staging areas, it can be easily configured to meet the changing needs of many customers. 
Near Port of Wilmington
12 High Capacity Blast Cells
USDA and Russian Poultry
Pool and Consolidation Programs
Low Temperature Assembly
RF Controlled WMS

Pallet Positions: 15,000
Cubic Feet: 4,500,000

Facility Address
233 Butterball Road
Teachy, NC 28464

Phone: (910) 552-0216
Fax: (910) 552-0219

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