Atlanta Northwest Cold Storage Distribution Center


Facility Overview 

ALERT: The Atlanta Rockmart facility expansion is now complete. This adds over 13,000 new frozen pallet positions and 63,000 sq. ft.

Nordic’s Atlanta Northwest facility is a multi- customer, national distribution operation, serving customers nationwide.  Nordic’s newest facility, it was recently expanded to 37,000 pallet positions of multi-temp space and is capable of maintaining  -20° in multiple rooms.  Multi-cell blast capacity and ample configuration space enables Atlanta Northwest to develop custom customer programs. Dual rail and transload services.

Multi- Room, Multi-Temperature Environment
Dual Rail Service
Atlanta Pool Program / National Distribution
National Retail and Food Service Pick up
Russian Poultry and Pork
RF Controlled WMS

Pallet Positions: 37,000
Cubic Feet: 10,800,000
Rail Service: Norfolk Southern / CSX

Facility Address
1802 Rome Highway
Rockmart, GA 30153

Phone: (770) 684-0886
Fax: (770) 684-0250

Full Map & Driving Directions