Nordic Cold Storage
Sales / Business Planning Team

 In 2007 over 70% of cold storage customers nationwide made significant changes to their supply chains. One of them was probably you. By focusing on the issues that matter most to you, Nordic can create new value that benefits you and your customers.

Are you looking to expand? Were you configuring a transportation network? Do you simply need more space or are you reconfiguring your distribution center network? New products? Acquisitions?  Regardless of the depth and breadth of your plans, Nordics business planning team is here to help you.

By involving senior management, engineering teams, and IT professionals in the sales process, Nordic can create simple to complex solutions that meet your specific situational needs.

Contact our business planning team today to see how Nordic can help your firm achieve their supply chain objectives.

Bill Crotty, Vice President of Logistics and Sales   770-871-2655

Tracy Matthews, Vice President of Corporate Sales               770-871-2732